Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Successful partnerships are the backbone of our company, without our suppliers and purchasers Field Fresh Foods would not be able to produce the level of quality and freshness that we expect from our products and services. Because we recognize that you are an integral part of our success, we are committed to open communication and building the relationship where we can assist you with reaching your goals. Whether you are a supplier or purchaser, we are looking forward to the opportunity to partner with you.


We are continually seeking partners to add to our supplier diversity. Partners like you are an integral part in our ability to offer the quality and variety of products that we do. We truly believe that communication, confidence and credibility are the essential elements in developing and strong partnership with our suppliers. When developing a relationship with our suppliers we seek open communication and partners who are willing to work together to anticipate and solve problems. We seek suppliers who share our vision of continuous improvement in quality and freshness, this shared vision will enable you to reach your goals as well.  Contact us today to discuss the opportunity of being our supplier partner, we look forward to hearing from you.


As part of our continued commitment to our purchasing partners, we pledge that every order placed will be delivered with quality, freshness, and efficiency.  Since all products are harvested, processed and shipped to order, our day and schedule revolves around your needs and requirements. As a full line regional processor rooted in freshness, we have the ability to service all of your food service, retail and manufacturing needs, in turn eliminating the need for multiple distributors and vendors.

Partner with Field Fresh Foods and experience how we bring quality, freshness, and efficiency to every product by utilizing our:

  • Vast supplier diversity (potential link to supplier diversity page)
  • Capacity as a full line regional process (potential link to ……)
  • Large distribution fleet (potential link to distribution)
  • Unsurpassed food safety standards (potential link to food safety)
  • Sustainable business practices (potential link to Sustainability)
  • 24 hour customer service line (potential link to Contact)

Contact us at 310-719-8422 to become a partner.