Field Fresh Food’s environmentally friendly practices are an integral part of our company, and cover multiple fronts.

Our environmental approach has been a major focus over the company’s history. While it is our policy to comply with local, state, and federal environmental laws, we know that meeting minimal requirements is simply not enough. We are committed to reduce our impact on the environment. Armed with the culture of stewardship and sustainability, we are prepared to move into the future with the confidence that we play a valuable role as responsible corporate citizens of our community and of the world.

“Recently, it appears that we have been surrounded by message of ‘sustainability’ and ‘green’ in many aspects of our lives. Here at Field Fresh Foods, we are proud to have embraced a three-tiered approach to incorporating environment, economic, and social considerations in our efforts to create long-term, sustainable value.

Sustainability isn’t just about ‘green’ practices; it’s about being poised to move into the future as a robust successful company. It’s a challenge we’ve met and will continue to meet with talent, creativity, and sensitivity.”

Emelio E. Castañeda
President Field Fresh Foods