Freshness From Farm to Fork

Freshness is at the core of what we do. It’s what drives our business. At every stage of production, we take steps to ensure the freshest products reach our customers.

We start by partnering with local farmers who are close to our Los Angeles processing plant. By limiting travel distances, we are able to reduce travel time and bring products to market fresher, and with less over­the­road trauma inflicted on our fresh fruits and vegetables.

We choose farmers who follow good agricultural practices including product handling and cold chain management, one of the most important variables in bringing fresh products to market. The time from harvest to pre­cooling, for example, must be no more than two hours.

Upon arrival at our facility, products are inspected to verify they meet our strict receiving requirements. We test for proper temperature, crispness, sweetness, acidity, texture and taste. Every product must look good, feel good and, of course, taste good.

We store products under optimal conditions. While the ideal temperature range for most products is 36 to 38°F, some are susceptible to chill injury and must be stored at warmer temperatures.

Our processing facility and truck fleet operate on a 24/7 basis in order to provide just-­in-­time delivery to customers. Our round-­the-­clock operations enable Field Fresh buyers to maintain just the right amount of inventory to serve customers with the freshest products possible, which means our fresh­cut products reach customers within two days of leaving the farm.

Ours is a cut­-to­-order business model. When a customer places an order, we custom cut product in the specific quantity needed and deliver it within hours, rather than stockpiling product and waiting for customers to call in orders.

Field Fresh products are delivered daily on our fleet of late-­model refrigerated trucks, relieving customers of the burden of storing products in their own facilities. When Field Fresh Foods products reach consumers, they are, in fact, field fresh. We promise. ­­

Emelio Castañeda